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Update on Recent Fundraising Evening at Buffalo Wild Wings

Jun 21, 2012 by April
Many of you have been waiting to hear the results of our recent fundraising evening at Buffalo Wild Wings. Lindsey Erickson, the wonderful Assistant General Manager of the Machesney Park location, informed us that after tallying the sales for the evening, the donation Chemo Cargo will receive totals $226.96. Patrons added an additional $40 to the donation jar, bringing the cash total for the evening to $266.96.

The Buffalo Wild Wings staff upped the ante, though. They held a contest within their team to see who could bring in the most items for the totes, AND they pooled their pocket money to purchase fleece blankets and thermometers. They donated 338 individual items! Here's the list:

12 fleece blankets
15 thermometers
4 puzzle books
25 notebooks
22 bottles of hand sanitizer
32 pens
34 toothbrushes
2 packages of dental floss
18 decks of playing cards
21 bottles of sunscreen
2 water bottles
18 snack bars
3 packages of gum
14 packages of mints
29 tubes of lip balm
60 pocket-sized kleenex packs
24 Biotene (dry mouth products) sample kits

We sincerely appreciate the care and effort the Machesney BW3 team put into our fundraiser!