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A Big Thank You to MOON Organics

Jul 28, 2012 by April

MOON Organics and Giving Back

Founded by cancer survivor and Registered Nurse Susan Gonzales, MOON stands for "made out of nature."

As explained on her website,

"Susan started making her own skincare and personal care products while being treated for cancer when she started to examine the safety of her current beauty routine. She found that all of the products she was using contained harmful substances like parabens, petroleums and synthetic fragrances.

Discovering the lack of truly natural and effective products, Susan began researching and experimenting with various oils, butters and herbs and developed several products that worked even better than all the expensive fancy serums and lotions she had been using.

'I didn't want to keep these discoveries all to myself. I wanted to share everything I was learning and creating with other women so they could benefit too and have real, effective and all-natural alternatives to cancer causing beauty products.'

Using only what is provided by Mother Nature, she has uncovered unique and powerful combinations of ingredients that meet all your skincare needs. Susan is constantly researching and developing new ways to provide you with beautiful items that you will love."

Susan is very generously donating sample sized lotions to Chemo Cargo for inclusion in our tote bags. She has also created a wonderful insert card, with a nausea-soothing recipe.

Please check out MOON Organics and support this small company that is doing all it can to support cancer patients!