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Libre - Clothing for Chemotherapy and Dialysis Patients

May 2, 2011 by April
The mission statement for Libre Clothing for chemotherapy and dialysis patients "promises to provide innovative clothing solutions to enhance the quality of life for dialysis and infusion patients."

As anyone who has had to sit through an infusion session knows, trying to stay comfortable through treatment is challenging. The infusion lines can be in many different areas, depending on the shape of the patient's veins. Knowing what clothing to wear is a guessing game.

Co-founder Megan Stengel explained to me that she saw the need for a new type of clothing while watching her mother endure dialysis treatment several times each week, and watching her aunt undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer. Both women were frustrated by ruining perfectly good clothes to try and stay warm and comfortable during long appointments. The concept for Libre was to have everyday clothing with special access for treatment, with a big enough opening for the nurses to work with. Ideally patients could wear it before, during, and after treatment without having to alter their own clothing or worrying if they were wearing something appropriate.

Megan and Libre’s three other co-founders (Mandy Eckman, Tess Schuster and Bethany Skaff) designed the clothing line while attending Miami University’s Page Center for Entrepreneurship.